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Grenouille est Trop Grande Mo Willems

Grenouille est Trop Grande

Mo Willems

Published October 22nd 2012
ISBN : 9782877677523
12 pages
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 About the Book 

Ignore my star rating for a second, friends, and allow me to tell you that Big Frog Can’t Fit In is an ADORABLE BOOK!I mean, who doesn’t love a sad-sack gigantic frog who literally can’t fit within the confines of her book? So cute!!Tragically, I have to rate it two stars on functionality alone. Pop-up books are already delicate, but this one borders on ridiculous. Millions of tiny little pollywogs! Ladders precariously rising to the sky! Crisscrossing froggy feet! It’s aesthetically pleasing, but also very oh-god-oh-god-I’m-going-to-tear-something.And Im not even a small child who enjoys purposely ripping the shit out of paper.To make matters worse, the tabs are surprisingly hard to pull (to the point that I’m unsure if I could successfully read this book at a storytime, because it took one hand to brace and one hand to pull and I don’t have a third hand to… hold the book itself….). And it took me five tries to get the giant back page to fold in correctly, which just made me feel dumb.There is, let’s be honest, a chance that I’m just pop-up-book-challenged. I hope that’s the case, and that you will read it with ease and skill.But for a Mo Willems book—you know, one that tiny children are going to love and want to put their hands all over—I’m rating it Too Tricky To Be Worth My Time.