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The Lazy Millionaire Marc Fisher

The Lazy Millionaire

Marc Fisher

Published 2010
160 pages
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 About the Book 

Work and work hard all of the time? Until you have no life...or, until you become ill! Unfortunately, many of us think that the fundamental building block towards financial freedom and success is hard labor! Perhaps its because it is what we were taught by our parents or because that is what we learned in ecomonics class.But what if Leonardo was right? What if you could accomplish more - A LOT MORE - while doing less?Fisher validates Da Vincis theory through logical example and recognized psychological laws. The author demonstrates that anyone can become a Lazy Millionnaire in the 1 to 10 million dollar range within a 10-year period. Free yourself of the burden of work and all the obligations, real or perceived, that interrupt our daily lives.Enlightening case-studies and inspiring anecdotes will reveal how YOU too can work less and make more money while fulfilling your dreams!