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Black Licorice Forever Nevea Lane

Black Licorice Forever

Nevea Lane

Published November 19th 2010
ISBN : 9780557902330
108 pages
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 About the Book 

Vanessa Delray knew her herbs. She knew what to do with them, how to work them and how to get the best out of them. So when a tall dark brooding yet handsome man walks into her herbary, she knew he wanted something particular. He certainly wasnt like her usual patrons who thought they were witches and warlocks. So what could he possibly need? Gabriel Salvi wasnt a witch or warlock: just immortal. Cursed because of his fathers transgressions, Gabriel was forced to live a life without love or anyone to call his own. His last hope of breaking the curse was an ancient aphrodisiac using the pungent licorice root. Living in a secluded cabin, Gabriel stumbled across Del Rays Herbal Haven and its owner, Vanessa Delray. Gabriel wanted the licorice root to finally find his love. Little does he know, Vanessa may be the only little bit of black licorice that he needs.